A Budget That Slashes American Progress and Strength At Home and Abroad

The Ryan/Romney budget proposals and their declarations and speeches all indicate that a Republican win in November will inevitably result in budget that guts American progress at home and abroad. (See our summaries in posts on Ryan’s budget for energy and environment and on the DOD/Diplomacy.)

With Paul Ryan now front and center on the Republican ticket and with the Republican Congressional record of slash and burn legislative bills and proposals, we can see clearly an outline of an America that is both greedy, nasty, wrongheaded for our times and conditions, and cruel to especially the “least among us”.

It is so un-American that it  makes one wonder what kind of nation we are becoming – perhaps one that only Ayn Rand and Sheldon Adelson might recognize, perhaps that cruel “Brave New World,” but not one that Jefferson, Lincoln, or the two Roosevelts would recognize.

It is a budget that only favors the very very rich via tax cuts for the 1% and that cuts programs and tax items that are important for the middle class and the poor of our nation. It is no path to build a strong and secure nation.

It cuts just those programs that would ensure the security and posterity of our country, including education of our children, support for higher education for middle class students, and gutting our key science and technology programs. Not least, it does away with our critical clean energy efforts to achieve global ecological security.  These clean energy programs put Americans to work at productive jobs but also reduce our energy dependence abroad.  These programs act to make America in the forefront of green energy technology which will be critical for the well being of our planet in this century and in future centuries.

But one of the immediate impacts of the Ryan/Romney budget agenda is essentially to increase our military spending even if it is on just useless old cold war expensive hardware – not likely to be used in the conflicts  we will see in this century. (See our post on defense budget.)  This useless stuff is designed to enrich the military industrial corporations and their massively overpaid executives that have been big supporters of the Republican right wing. It is not going to enhance our real security compared to a more relevant and prioritized defense effort aimed at current challenges and careful strategy.

On the other hand, the Ryan/Romney budget dismembers our diplomacy and aid programs that act as tools to prevent conflicts, address global climate change, and cooperation with our allies, in dealing with the many global challenges we face.  These include major food crisis that threatens widespread starvation, life threatening water shortages, the global spread of deadly diseases, or stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction before they are developed or used.

The Ryan/Romney approach sees the “hard” military option as the favored tool to deal with  the consequences of the Bush era idiot plan of inattention to our real challenges. The approach simply blindly waits for conflict and major crises to fully develop and then can only throw  the lives of our brave soldiers into the mess we have let developed. The horrendous costs of Republican indifference and cheapness to address the fundamental issues, has shown a head in the the sands approach that is hard to understand.  What is clear, is they care nothing for those that have to fight their unneeded dirty mindless battles.

If and when their excess of inaction, greed and myopia appears again it will be the average  taxpayer’s money that will once more bail out the billionaires and industrial military groups that cared little for the waste of useless weapons or jobs lost so they could stuff their own pockets.

But America’s internal and external security will be diminished by the greed of its now ascendant and money loving far right autocracy.  Its security will be less, the world will be less secure, there will be more poverty, more conflicts and an ever increasingly marginalized majority of the middle class and poor who are paying the costs.

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