Kerry’s Speech in Philadelphia and Biden’s Speech in Florida on Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry’s Speech in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center 09/02/2015

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, was introduced by former Republican, U.S. Senator of Indiana, Richard Lugar at the National Constitution Center on September 2, 2015, to speak and shed light on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. This being a significant gesture as it is predicted that all Republicans in the Congress will reject this deal.

Kerry emphasized that the framework that has been put into place will definitely get the job done, as the outcome of this deal will matter as much as any foreign policy decision in recent history.

This deal has been backed by nuclear physicist, scientist, and noble prize winners who have congratulated President Obama on such a technically sound and stringent deal. This agreement is praised for its “creative approach to verification” (Kerry), and rigorous safeguards that will prevent Iran from attaining fissile material for a bomb. Such necessary components for making the United States, Israel, the Gulf states, and the world a much safer place.

Highlighted by Secretary Kerry, the key elements of this deal will last for the lifetime of Iran’s nuclear program. This is in comparison to the Iran two years ago that had already mastered a nuclear fuel cycle. Kerry goes on to say that sanctions alone were not getting the job done causing President Obama to act and reaffirm his vow that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon.

For those opposing the deal, Kerry reassures all that the broadest expertise available was used in this nuclear deal such as Congress, international allies, and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Whom of which would not settle for anything less than an agreement that was “comprehensive, verifiable, effective, and of lasting duration,” (Kerry).

Also warned by Kerry, are the consequences the United States and world will face if this deal does not get approved, such as Iran continuing its expansion of stockpile of enriched uranium.

Looking deeper into the details of the deal, Kerry states that no declared or undeclared facilities will be off limits from search and there will be more inspections in Iran by the IAEA along with 24/7 monitoring of Iran’s key nuclear facilities. Most importantly, if Iran decides to cheat (they would need a secret supply chain for nuclear weapons to do so), nuclear related sanctions would snap back on immediately.

Kerry ends with a very strong bottom line; the benefits of this deal outweigh the drawbacks. As nothing about this deal depends on promise or trust, it is an agreement instead solely based on verification and proof. Iran cannot have nuclear weapons period. With the IAEA additional protocols, regular inspections will last forever along with access to all nuclear facilities. And if ever caught cheating, Iran will regret breaking any promises it had made.

“The Important thing about this agreement is not what it will enable Iran to do, but what it will stop Iran from doing, and that is the build of a nuclear weapon.” This statement followed by Kerry’s note that ultimately none of the problems will be made easier if this deal is rejected.

Watch full speech here!

Biden’s Speech in Davie Florida 09/03/2015

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, spoke in Davie Florida September 3, 2015 in hopes of gaining support for the Iran Nuclear Deal. Biden was speaking directly to 32 prominent Jewish leaders in the U.S., one of which was Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat who is the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee and also undecided on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“Mr. Biden then told the gathering that he had spent his entire political life standing up for the state of Israel. But he also said he had decades of experience negotiating arms control agreements, and that he had little patience for those who argued that the United States should never negotiate with its adversaries.”

“‘There is one thing I want to set straight because I’ve seen the ads,’ Mr. Biden said. ‘That is the idea that we can’t inspect military facilities — it’s simply not true. Let me get this straight. Look at me. As one person once said, ‘Read my lips.’ Not true,’ he said to laughter. ‘We can, with cause, inspect any place in Iran if we believe there is illegal activity taking place.'”

Gardiner Harris, Biden Again Expresses Uncertainty About 2016, New York Times, Sep. 3, 2015.

Watch clip of speech here!

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