Important Questions About the Iran Nuclear Deal Answered

The excerpt from the Arms Control Association newly updated report, Solving the Iranian Nuclear Puzzle: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, answers significant questions such as:

  1. Is Iran still pursuing a covert nuclear weapons program?
  2. Did the 2013 interim agreement, or Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), halt advances in Iran’s nuclear program?
  3. Did the UN Security Council resolutions require Iran to permanently halt enrichment, dismantle its enrichment facilities, and dismantle the heavy-water reactor at Arak?
  4. Did President Obama shift U.S. policy from stopping Iranian enrichment to managing it?
  5. By allowing Iran to continue its uranium-enrichment program, is the P5+1 recognizing a “right to enrich” under the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT)?
  6. Why doesn’t the JCPOA require Iran to completely dismantle its nuclear weapons capability?
  7. When did the arms embargo and ballistic missile sanctions become an issue in the negotiations?
  8. How effective are the existing multilateral constraints on ballistic missile development/proliferation?
Find the answer to these questions in the Issue Brief @

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