About Rethinking National Security

The Center for International Policy aims, through the establishment and expansion of this “Rethinking National Security Blog”, to open up the debate about U.S. foreign policy and, more specifically, U.S. national security policy.  We believe that there has long been a significant disparity between our espoused national values and goals and our continued policies and funding for outmoded defense programs.  It is now widely acknowledged that for too long the United States has put a myopic emphasis on expensive, unworkable, and inappropriate defense programs and strategy at the expense of more effective and appropriate foreign policy and diplomacy tools.  The moment is now right to create a more appropriate balance of our diplomacy, intelligence, and defense structures and programs for the ever changing landscape of the 21st Century.

Part of this necessary recalibration of defense and diplomacy resources will stem from Americans becoming reenergized and reengaged in the debate over the proper path forward for America in the world.  This blog’s goal is the promotion of a citizen’s debate.  This blog provides a forum for a citizen’s dialogue that is both wide and deep.  We seek a dialogue that does not avoid the mistakes of the past but rather seeks to learn from them and create constructive ways forward which build upon the best American traditions and values.  It is a dialogue that is respectful of others views but is also direct and faithful to both the difficult realities of our times and facts on the ground.

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