Synopsis of National Security News: 9/10/10 – 9/17/10

New START Treaty:

The Committee on Foreign Relations voted 14-4 to approve the New START treaty. Sources say that a floor vote on the treaty will likely occur during the post-election, lame-duck session during November.


Afghanistan is preparing for legislative elections on Saturday, September 17. Hundreds of polls were preemptively closed both as a security measure in the more dangerous Taliban-heavy areas and as an anti-corruption tactic to prevent the ballot-stuffing that was ubiquitous during last years presidential election.

North Korea:

US and South Korea are softening their approach to North Korea away from sanctions and military exercises and in favor of a resumption of aid and diplomatic talks.


The US has accused Iran of bullying nuclear inspectors into misreporting their findings. This is in response to the recent Iranian ban placed on two nuclear inspectors.


The head of the MI5, British internal security service, warns that Al-Qaeda has the determination and means to attack the UK.

Compiled by Grant Potter, CIP National Security Intern

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