Senator Lugar’s Surprising Response to Romney’s Op-Ed

Senator Lugar (IN) has posted a response to Romney’s July 6th Op-Ed on his own website.  Lugar bravely calls Romney out on the varying exaggerations and misrepresentations in his early July Op-Ed piece, which seemed to function as more of a political ploy than a substantial and accurate policy piece.  Fortunately, Romney’s factual misrepresentations have not gone unnoticed.  Read Lugar’s response here.

Senator Lugar’s comprehensive statement on the Romney objections to the New START treaty was accurate and also devastating to the unsound arguments that Governor Romney made in his Washington Post op-ed.  Point by point, Lugar takes on Romney’s objections, but also cites the most knowledgeable and highest level Republican officials and experienced national security decision-makers such as Robert Gates, Jim Schlesinger, Henry Kissinger, James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft, who all back the treaty.

We need to be clear that we will have again and again the same objections from other far right representatives. They will likely ignore Lugar’s points as well as the facts of the treaty. Lugar is a traditional conservative who normally votes with his party that has increasingly moved towards the more extreme edge of the ideological spectrum. Lugar has shown extraordinary courage in taking on these inaccurate arguments thrown out from those who cherish more their devotion to their ideology and opposition for the accomplishments of President Obama in this context.
Now is the time to contact your Senator to provide your views on the ratification of the New START treaty. Please also share with us your views as well as the experiences you have when you do call your Senator on this critical issue.

By: Harry C. Blaney III

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