Harry C. Blaney III


The news in London today came as a surprise to most but Britain was given advance notice of this action. As expected Syrian government, Russia and Iran have made statements opposing these strikes. The Russians have suspended the air notification agreement. Donald trump’s own statement was not entirely a surprise and indicated that use of military action given the horrendous use of illegal chemical weapons attack this week that killed more than 80 civilians. The British government supported the action. But the Labour leader opposed the use but some of his MPs
were supportive.

We seem to have given some kind of notice to Russia from reports here.

Hillary Clinton has also indicated she supports the attacks and wanted mor to be done under Obama.

There is little doubt that this is a Trump change in strategy and policy from much of his previous statements. The question is this a one time action or is there a longer time strategy behind it. The key especially is defining and shaping the future of Assad and his supporters and how the political landscape needs to be changed. Will we se emore conflict now or a major decline with less killing?.

The problem with this action is it based on a deep and clear understanding of what the next steps might be and any fallouts and responses;. The Russian have already said they would reenforce Syrian air defenses. There is urgent need for the key actor including Russia and Iran and the US and our allies to sit down and start to look at how to sort out the future of Syria and find a peaceful solution which was attempted by the Obama administration with only frustrating results. The time is now for an agreement in the UN Security Council that will put a stop to Syrian attacks and some kind of UN backed efforts to bring an end to civilian killings and the removal in time of Assad. There may be some consensus that his removal is in the best interests of all sides.

The next move is in the hands of Russia and America but both Trump and Putin are difficult leader who think of just looking strong and winning at all costs. My hope is they both think deeply about the end consequences and the need for a peaceful solution with support of the key powers and on the ground peacekeeping forces to ensure there is not another blood bath.

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