By Harry C. Blaney III

It now has been reported that the Trump transition team has started a Witch Hunt for federal career employees at the Department of Energy focused, among other areas, on their work on climate change. Thomas Pyle, the head of the American Energy Alliance, and the rest of the transition team representatives are asking for massive details on individuals’ work and associations including what committees and negotiations they have served on and even what web sites they have gone to while on government time!!!! This is a kind of authoritarian actions we saw in Germany in 1933 when Hitler took over the German government and we are seeing today in Turkey today.

It is thought that this kind of approach by Trump’s group’s to EPA might also entail the same kind of likely illegal Witch Hunt that has emerge from the Energy Department Trump team.

A wide use of these kind of attacks on our constitutional and legal framework that protects our civil servants from partisan attacks and efforts to punish them for their past legal action under another administration are unprecedented in modern American history.

Trump’s entire environment and energy nominations are all of one stripe. These initial requests for personnel information are targeting areas that Trump and the energy industry wishes to punish. They want to stop enforcement of efforts to deal with dirty air, water and increasing temperatures. Their aim seems to be profits over people. Their profits and money being directed were paid and will pay into the Trump ‘Empire’ and the Republicans on Capital Hill. The result for the rest of the country and the world is disaster.

But note this week several Trump cabinet and sub-cabinet selections need close attention and scrutiny as they impact not only the power and standing of our nation at home and adherence to our constitution and laws, but also in our key relations to other nations.

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  1. Harry C. Blaney III December 14, 2016 / 6:14 PM

    To Robert’s point, we are in deep trouble with the group of possible appointments…NONE seem suitable to their positions and many seem to be payoff for past donations, loyalty, and support not their expert knowledge or judgement. And with Trump all words and actions are unpredictable and filled with risks. There seems some recognition in Washington that this means trouble but few seem willing to point that these people are a bad fit for helping our country and the world. Courage is lacking in most of the GOP to call out Trump’s missteps.

  2. Robert Lamoree December 13, 2016 / 5:09 PM

    The only word that comes to mind that describes the majority of the cabinet nominees is REGRESSIVE, and that is really being kind. What their actions will mean to those who bought into the line and voted for Mr. Trump . . . come the dawning, most likely it will be a bitter shock . . . and it won’t be too far down the road.

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