Picture: Department of State

By Harry C. Blaney III

As one alternative to the passing of the Iran Nuclear Deal was military intervention, President Obama reminds the public that military intervention should not be so easily assumed. The chance to address world issues with diplomacy before the use of military should always be considered, especially when the alternative calls on our brave men and women to risk their lives for their country. Below you will find excerpts of President Obama’s remarks on the Iran Nuclear Deal at a veterans round table where he sat and spoke with Secretary Kerry, to veterans who have served the United States in different services, and with two Gold Star Mothers.

“There are times where, in a debate like this, we hear a lot of loose talk, casual threats of military force, false promises that military actions will be easy or simple or relatively costless.  These veterans and their families remind us that that is not the case.  They know the consequences when we rush into war.  They understand what it means when we act without broad international support and when we fail to consider unintended consequences.”

“And I want to repeat, none of them are under any illusions. They understand that this is a dangerous world.  And it is precisely for that reason that they want to make sure Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon.  And what I indicated to them is that even as this debate winds down, I am hopeful that their voices continue to be heard on a wide range of foreign policy debates.  Because we live in a complicated world and we live in a world where terrible things happen, and American leadership is going to be vital in addressing those issues.”

“But the one principle that I want us to remember every time we make a decision is that American power is not restricted just to our military actions, that we have a lot of tools in the toolkit, and that we have to try to solve problems without resort to military force, understanding that at the end of the day, there may be times where we have to act militarily, but we don’t do so as a first resort and we certainly don’t do so on the basis of political considerations.  Because the sacrifices are too significant, and the stakes are too high.  And I think these veterans and Gold Star family members, they can remind us of that each and every day.”

Find full text here:

President Barack Obama, Remarks by the President at Veterans Roundtable on the Iran Nuclear Deal, September 10, 2015

After a victorious win for the Obama Administration, Secretary of State John Kerry, and most importantly, diplomacy, the resolution of disapproval for the Iran Nuclear Deal never reached a final vote, as it was blocked by Senate 58 to 42 on September 11, 2015. Although there is a great chance the GOP will do everything in its power to complicate this deal and reimpose sanctions, those in favor of the Iran Nuclear Deal can celebrate a major win and step in the right direction in ensuring that Iran will never attain a nuclear weapon. Below we have Secretary Kerry’s statement on this monumental win and the commitment of the Administration and State Department that everything outlined in the deal will be implemented, and that Iran lives up to the entirety of this deal .


“[The] vote by the U.S. Senate is an important step forward toward the United States and its international partners implementing the agreement reached in Vienna on July 14, 2015, to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This agreement, when implemented, will make the United States, our friends and allies in the Middle East, and the entire world safer.”

“I am grateful to the Members of the Senate who carefully reviewed the agreement and deliberated on its provisions. I know that for many of my former colleagues, this decision was extremely difficult, but I am convinced that the benefits of the agreement far outweigh any potential drawbacks. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action includes the most extensive verification and transparency provisions ever negotiated; it mandates strict cutbacks and enduring limits on Iran’s nuclear activities; and it prohibits Iran from developing a nuclear weapon forever.”

“Going forward, the State Department and the entire Administration will be fully committed to implementing and verifying this agreement to ensure that Iran lives up to the commitments it has made. We will also continue to work closely with our partners and allies in the region to deepen our security cooperation, and to counter Iran’s destabilizing behavior, including its support for terrorism.”

John Kerry, U.S. Department of State, September 11, 2015

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