Harry C. Blaney

Yes, the Republicans in Congress are doing more harm to American national security and standing than the combination of North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia. None of the latter have been able to shut down the U.S. government or do as much destruction to America’s economy, financial standing, and world leadership. Now this group of “crazies” have undermined democracy by the government shutdown which along with the debt ceiling brings into question the “full faith and credit” of America.

Since my last post on this topic, my hope was that good sense might prevail, but no, the attack on America by the Tea Party (a.k.a. the Republicans since this extreme group now runs the entire Congressional party along with the far right big money people like the Koch brothers) continues. It becomes even more absurd and dangerous. Also every major American institution including mainline business and financial groups, and now the World Bank and European leaders have expressed alarm over the potential (even the likelihood) that American government will fail to carry out its most basic role and our bonds that are the “gold standard” of world credit will fall into default.

Our military and our diplomatic capacity has been eroded in serious ways. Key units are degraded in DOD, and in the Department of State and the CIA, key desks and functions are left with less than adequate staffing and capacity to respond to crises around the world. So much for the Republican false and hypocritical claim to be for a strong American defense and support our role as a global leader.

A key element of American power abroad is the respect of American purpose, values, and capacity and the soundness and growth of our economy. All of these are now threatened by both the shutdown and the looming default on our debt which is held around the world as a key reserve by many countries. They are also held by pensions funds, banks, and other key institutions at home and it is likely that the low interest rates that now prevail will be history if we default and the consequence will be what the Republican said they do not want…namely the increase in our debt levels as we pay much high rates for future bond offerings. We will all be poorer because of their blind “slash and burn” tactics. Stupid right! And cruel too!

As many commentators have said the President should and can not for the sake of our democracy give in those these extortions. He won the election, Americans voted for a Democratic Senate, and the truth is that more Democrats voted for members of the House of Representatives than Republicans. Only conniving redistricting of Congressional districts at the State legislative level gave them a majority, not the American people.

Already the Republicans have lied and violated their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution…namely the 14th Amendment that holds no one should question the U.S. debt, which includes the Congress. So they all don’t think the Constitution means anything against their narrow ideology and “dark money” money from the far right billionaires that support them. This is all being done in the name of preventing up to 30 million of our uninsured citizens having access to affordable health care!

We have become a near dysfunctional nation due to these few crazies. And those abroad wonder how this could have happen and they rightly fear its impact on the globe. Already the Russians and the Chinese mock us as unstable or unreliable.

President Obama has too often in the past made serious compromises with the Republicans….witness the sequester and their ugly and mindless cuts to good programs…..but always the GOP want more; to in effect disband and ruin our government and especially its capacity to help the “least among us” and our middle class which has lost ground, and to tear down our international responsibilities and capacity to defend our interests.


This is an historic testing time for America, as it was at the time of the Civil War. Can America remain a strong and powerful and good nation at home and abroad? It is also each citizen’s responsibility to understand the implications and to act to redress our madness.

The answer hopefully is that at some point a resolution will take place as the consequences for American society and economy will soon become apparent to a vast majority of our citizens and the Republicans will likely have to permit a vote in the House for a clean CR and even raise the debt level, hopefully until past the 2014 elections. The president needs to articulate even more strongly the consequences as do each of us as citizens.

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