The Unbelievable and the Irresponsible: National Security and the Shutdown of Government


The Unbelievable and the Irresponsible: National Security and the Shutdown of Government


Harry C. Blaney III

Likely, within hours the Republicans in the House without some divine intervention or good sense will force the shutdown of government. This act will have severe impact on the American economy and far beyond. Its reach will include the international standing of our nation and our national security.

Our public servants will not be doing their good work and they will not be paid. Many key government services will ceased or curtailed. All this to prevent millions of Americans without insurance and therefore access to decent health care from having such access which every advanced nation on this earth affords.

There is a certain level of morals and good sense that any civilized nation and especially the “leader of the free world” should uphold to the world. But we are presenting the face of a spiteful, greedy, and dysfunctional party in control of the House of Representatives. It is one major political party which has gone crazy and mindless. It seems to want to damage in one act of crass hate our democratic government, our economy, and our national security.

Other nations are watching this madness. Our friends and allies are despairing and incredulous on how far we are falling. Our enemies and adversaries revel in and taking advantage of our self-induced wounding. Already the sequester has cost real jobs and ending it means adding over a million and half new jobs. But the Republicans have no interest in increasing employment or helping those without health care or are destitute.

The question must be asked who will do more damage to our nation and its security, the Republicans in the House and their anti-government financial backers and far right Tea Party anarchists or the likes of Iran, Russia, or China? None of the latter has been able to bring the American government down. But the House Republicans are about to do just that and do major damage to our nation simply by their mindless obstruction and ignoring their pledge to our Constitution, i.e. no one should question the full faith and credit of our nation.

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