National Defense Authorization Act, FY 2013: Comparing the House Bill and Senate Markup

The Senate full committee is not set to vote on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (NDAA) until later this year, but the Senate Armed Services Committee markup of the House bill shows the potential clash between the two houses of Congress as well as a clash between the two parties. The House full committee and the Senate Armed Services committee put out two different bottom lines for Pentagon Funding, with the SASC below the President’s budget and the House bill over the President’s budget by $4 billion and above the Budget Control Act by $8 billion.

The House bill produced many questionable provisions including a measure that would thwart the Obama administration’s efforts to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and would impede its ability to carry out the nuclear arms reduction treaty ratified by the Senate in 2010. The White House had many concerns with the House bill specifically over the overall spending levels, detainee policy, and nuclear weapons deployment. The SASC markup joined the House on several provisions but overall set a different bottom line for DoD spending making a total of 150 changes to the President’s budget proposal. With looming sequestration and debates rising over defense spending, the outcome of the NDAA FY 2013 and the Senates provisions will be of great importance. For a more in depth look at the House bill and the SASC markup, visit our page: National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2013: Comparing the House Bill and Senate Markup.

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