Mitt Romney and “The Never-Ending Cold War” – More Silly Quotes!

The New York Times editorial on March 29th set forth some views that readers of this blog will not be altogether surprised at – namely that most, if not all, the GOP candidates for president are living in the far past.  But the one member that is seen to be a bit less “radical right” seems to harbor continued retro views about our current relations with the Russians.  The New York Times editorial took a pithy quote from Foreign Policy Magazine to the effect that Romney believes that Russiais America’s “No. 1 geopolitical foe.” 

I highly recommend your reading of the full editorial but one example of its view of Romney’s Neanderthal perspective on this (and I add many other issues), is a key quote:

“His comments display either a shocking lack of knowledge about international affairs or just craven politics.”
I go for “just craven politics” or both!

We have noted earlier, that it is likely that narrow and partisan statements and PAC advertisements on national security issues will come up as public attention and events warrants in the game of crass politics at the expense of rational debate, examination of the realities of our landscape, and our national security.

The New York Times also puts in context the President’s statement to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in South Korea (when he said he would have more flexibility on missile defense and other issues after the election). That was a rational statement which reflected the reality of the stupidity of the current corrosive politics, where the opposition takes every opportunity to impugn President Obama’s foreign policy efforts and him for being, in fact, a wise steward of America’s national interests and goals. 

What we are also seeing is blatant bad judgment and ignorance of the importance of gaining Russia’s cooperation in dealing with a host of issues, not least the outstanding nuclear and national security issues. Obama has worked hard to make progress on these and, as the NY Times has stated, he has gained a number of key actions from the Russians which have advanced some key foreign policy U.S. objectives over the last three and a half years.  

It seems that under a Romney administration we can expect our country to start an unnecessary “cold war” all over again when there are better options of diplomacy and gaining mutual goals that serve the larger international community’s interests.

By Harry C. Blaney III.

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One thought on “Mitt Romney and “The Never-Ending Cold War” – More Silly Quotes!

  1. Bob Lamoree April 25, 2012 / 11:11 AM

    If candidate Romney has a war record, I am ignorant of it. Our president has none, as have most recent presidents. But were they experienced in war (actual battle) , would they have a love for war, or would they do whatever to avoid war. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and talk tough, and send our youth into harm’s way, but why is it that candidates fail to mention the best hope for peace — a considered, respectful, pro-active foreign policy?
    Do we … do they … love and glorify war at the expense of diplomacy? In that we are shielded from seeing pictures of warfare, war dead, and war misdeads . . . things that can turn the populace against warfare . . . perhaps we do. How much of a change would it be if we could tout a hard won peace treaty?
    We’ve wasted how much energy and how many lives in a fruitless, ill-considered incursion into Iraq. We’re in the midst of another seemingly endless war (Afghanistan) that surely will prove equally fruitless, if it already hasn’t. And now, foreign policy sage, Romney, wants to play hardball with the Russians. Whatever happened to common sense? Save us from another Cold War and the fantasy that we are always right and that our military can accomplish anything.
    Maybe what we really need is salvation from politicians who are eaten-up with ego, power and the perks of office.

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