Syrian Sad Update

As sadly predicted, Assad’s Syrian forces have carried out killings of civilians in the district of Baba Amr in nearby Homs and directed shelling of several towns in Syria including the central town of Rastan.  International relief has been prevented from entering Baba Amr where there are reports of mass killings and arrests.

China issued a self-serving and hypocritical statement which called to an end of “all acts of violence against innocent civilians,” but made it clear they would not approve anyone interfering in Syrian affairs “under the pretext of humanitarian issues.”

The Assad regime forces are going from district in a number of cities and carrying out mass murders of civilians. In the meantime, the Arab League, Turkey, and EU/NATO are divided on actions and are doing nothing to stop immediately the mass killings and butchery.  The Syrian opposition still is fighting among themselves, and the international community is equally divided and in disarray.

In short, we are facing another Rwanda or Srebrenica, as characterized by Paul Conway, the wounded journalist who was smuggled out of Baba Amr. In very short order other towns and areas will experience the same “killing fields” from the Assad army.

There appears to be no clear action by external international powers, nor united leadership by the opposition groups, and finally we see continued support for the butchery by China and Russia.  America is trying to deal with these issues through diplomacy and sanctions but these are not effective against the immediacy of killing hour after hour and soon any action against the regime will be superfluous.  Are there any lessons to be learned and how many times will these disasters and inaction be repeated?

By Harry C. Blaney III.

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