U.S., One of Two in Favor of the UN General Assembly Embargo Against Cuba

Today, the United States was again handed its annual total and embarrassing defeat in the UN General Assembly on the issue of its embargo against Cuba. The vote was 186 to condemn the embargo, two votes in its favor, the United States and Israel, and three abstentions. And the fact is that Israel is one of Cuba’s most active trading partners, i.e., it votes with us, but disagrees with and disregards our policy. On the issue of the Cuban embargo, then, the United States is totally isolated.

By Wayne Smith.


One thought on “U.S., One of Two in Favor of the UN General Assembly Embargo Against Cuba

  1. Harry Blaney November 10, 2011 / 2:26 PM

    It seems that we greatly need not only a “re-think” of our Cuban policies but a long-term “re-set” which has at its core an active “engagement” with both the Cuban regime and the Cuban people. While I think we should act now in this direction it probably will await until after the election — but we can get the public and ourselves to start thinking what forms this might take including a Nixon/Kissinger “China” like summit meeting after much back-door dialogue and lots of public exchanges between the two countries which can start now. We have seen just a bit of this recently and the hope must be for it to grow by bits as did the opening to China decades ago. We have been talking for a long time under Republicans and Democrats with regimes much worse than Cuba’s! As Wayne has pointed out many times our present policies of “isolation and enbargos” are not working.

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