Carter’s Press Conference in Havana by Wayne Smith

Carter’s Press Conference In Havana
(from CIP’s Cuba page)
By Wayne Smith, senior fellow at CIP
April 2011

One might have expected the Carter trip to bring forth strong calls for change in U.S. policy toward Cuba, a policy we have suffered with, unproductively, for decades now.  His trip certainly provided the background for such a change and pointed up some of the directions in which we should move, such as removing Cuba from the terrorist list, easing travel controls even further, and, yes, even freeing the Cuban Five.  We should also be moving to ease the embargo to the extent possible.

One thought on “Carter’s Press Conference in Havana by Wayne Smith

  1. Harry Blaney April 15, 2011 / 4:45 PM

    The question here is that of decades of an ineffective policy which gains nothing for either us or the Cuban people. It is just one example of a failed policy followed blindly with no real thought of seeking better alternatives.

    We need to examine a whole range of “dead end” policies and programs that belong in another era and better put in the garbage can, and new creative, forward looking, and effective ones put in their place. This is the purpose of “Rethinking National Security.”

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