Letter from London: Libya Fifth Day of Attacks: What Next?

As this is written, more night attacks are over Libya with bombing of selected targets in Tripoli.  But the real horror is in Misrata, the third largest city in Libya.

Libya is being called by the media here as an “unsolvable problem.”   There seems to be an effort by Gaddafi to control as many of the population as possible and to use that population as hostage against bombing.

The coalition does not yet seem to have a strategy for dealing with this situation.  As of this moment no solution is yet in place on a unified control and command leadership.  NATO leadership remains in doubt with problems raised by Turkey, Germany and France. 

The humanitarian needs grow more and more and it becomes a desperate situation with woman and children being killed by Gaddafi forces in urban areas away from the sight of the media and allies.

There will be many lessons for the international community to learn after this action is done. Clearly we need another model for this kind of situation.

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