President Obama Releases the FY 2012 Budget

This afternoon, President Obama released the FY 2012 Budget.  Stay tuned to our blog as we keep you up-to-date on comments, press releases and Congressional hearings regarding the 2012 Budget. We welcome your comments regarding the budget, including defense funding and budget cuts.

One thought on “President Obama Releases the FY 2012 Budget

  1. Harry Blaney February 15, 2011 / 8:31 PM

    The budget battles are now being drawn and it looks like the cuts coming out of the Republican controlled house are drastic and focus on the poorest, the older population and the youngest, on our cultural programs including public radio and television, regulations that protect Americans from harm including food and drug safety, environmental and consumer protection programs, financial regulations to keep our banks honest and safe.

    But they keep defense budgets still high and cut in a drastic way our diplomacy funding which is the front line against the many threats and challenges our nations faces. It seems that the republicans want t make America weak abroad, endanger our diplomats serving in war zones, our humanitarian assistance to those abroad in great need and protect our national security.

    The House Appropriations committee proposed a 16 percent cut for the remaining 2011 budget the Committee’s allocation for the State Department and USAID amounts from State’s actual FY 2010 funding, and a 19 percent cut to State’s 2011 request. The draft bill further proposes to cut humanitarian assistance accounts by 41 percent from 2010 levels.

    These are crazy cuts to just those programs which we most need to ensure a safe and prosperous world and opne in which American values can thrive.

    More as this debate continues, please add your comments.

    Harry C. Blaney III

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