Comments on “Undue Obstruction” Editorial in Nature: Republican Blackmail Harms Our National Security and Increases our Debt!

There have been many excellent editorials in the past months that favor the New START treaty in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others.   Of note is a recently released editorial in the science magazine Nature that addresses the massive expenditure increase in the US weapons complex.

The editorial makes clear that the reliability of our existing nuclear warheads is a non-issue and does not need to be addressed.  The plutonium triggers, which Republicans claim are defective, are heartier than expected and will last for at least 85 years” an expert says.  The editorial cited a long list of data that reaffirms that our weapons will continue to work as expected. Yet the parochial interests of the weapons labs have prevailed as they continue to ask for more money. These weapons labs have found, in Senators Jon Kyle and Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), supporters for more much more public money for their toys. Nature makes clear that, in fact, the weapons complex “have a slew of modern tools to ensure their weapons work effectively.”  The author urges the readers to see the full editorial available at this site.

Thus the reality is that these Republican “fiscal conservative” Senators, who voted against the extension of unemployment benefits for the hard -working Americans, recently made unemployed,  are very happy to waste the taxpayers money on unneeded and wasteful weapons projects which perhaps leading to new underground testing “as well as development of new kinds of ‘reliable’ weapons. Again no need given our existing systems

Advancing a treaty that is clearly in our interest is being held up by blackmail to waste some $84-100 plus billions that could be put to solving more critical needs like getting our civilian productive capacity going, develop clean energy, and getting education system back to first-world standards.

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