Synopsis of National Security News 11/1/10 – 11/8/10

US Politics:

NEW Start:

  • The White House is determined to pass New START in the lame-duck session of Congress before the addition of six republican Senators next year. There are fears that New START will not even be brought up for a vote due to polarization in the next session.



  • Tensions flare between Pakistan and the USA at Obama’s supposed snub of Pakistan on his 10 day trip to Asia. Pakistani Foreign Minister referred to the trip, which happened to kick-off at the site of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, as a continuation of America’s “traditional anti-Pakistan policies”.
  • In his trip to India, Obama strongly recommended that the UN Security Council expand to include India. The Security Council is currently comprised of the United States, France, Britain, Russia, and China. Pakistan has protested Obama’s recommendation by citing Indian conduct in the Kashmir as violating the principles of the United Nations.



  • A new round of negotiations has begun in Iraq to try to form a governing coalition and end the constitutional crisis that has gripped their country since elections were held in May. These closed-door talks in Kurdish region include both al-Maliki and al-Allawi, two bitter rivals, in hopes that they will overcome their differences and agree on a Primer Minister.

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