What’s going on in the national security realm?

Week of 8/9/10 National Security News Summary


  • On 8/13/10 Wikileaks announced that they are preparing to release the rest of the secret Afghnistan War documents they have on file
  • Wednesday, human rights groups urged WikiLeaks to remove thousands of names from the secret Afghan War documents they have released for fear of “deadly ramifications” for the individuals named in these documents
  • On Wednesday the Afghan army reached their enlistment goal ahead of schedule

Defense News/Intelligence Reform:

  • Monday evening the Pentagon released a plan that would reduce both the defense budget and jobs. The plan calls for reducing spending on defense contractors by 10% as well as closing the military’s Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA, which employs roughly 5,800 military, civilian and contracted positions.
  • Monday, Letitia Long has been appointed as director of the NGA. She is the 1st woman to head one of the sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies!



Compiled by Tess Strumwasser
Summer 2010 National Security/Fundraising and Development Intern

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