Rose Gottemoeller’s Speech on New START’s Verification Provisions

Rose Gottemoeller’s speech on New START verification, given at the U.S. Institute of Peace on July 26, 2010,  served as a clear warning that further delay of the ratification of New START hinders American security.   The reality of the current situation is worrisome at best.  In December 2009 our previous START agreement expired, leaving both sides with no mutual arms control agreement. This agreement mandated the verification of each side’s strategic systems and served as a major advance in providing a key level of transparency, stability and security against actions which might violate the agreed provisions and levels of nuclear weapons.

The recent postponement of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s consideration of New START until the fall is likely to make the situation worse as each week that passes without formal ratification will possibly harm the force of the treaty. It is urgent that we move with Russia to levels of security and confidence that will leads us towards a more secure world.

Gottemoeller’s points are strong arguments for the Senate to act as quickly as possible.

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