The Right Commences Attack on New START Treaty

Mitt Romney has started his search for a new presidential bid by attacking President Obama’s foreign policy in a Washington Post op-ed.  He has launched a screed of ill-founded accusations and judgments that ignore much of the accomplishments by the new administration of the last year or so. Romney’s main attack, geared towards affirming his new guise as a leader of the far right, was directed towards the New START Treaty and what he calls Obama’s “worst foreign policy mistake.”

Unfortunately for Romney, his article is filled with exaggerations, misstatements, and downright inaccuracies without giving the full facts that would undercut his misleading narrative. But it represents the start of a fierce attack by the far right against the treaty with its aim of frightening some of the possible Senate Republicans who are likely or possible to vote for ratification.

Next week we will likely see a host of expert testimony on the Hill in favor of the treaty by those who have real knowledge of the strategic implications and advantages for both sides in a treaty that aims to bring greater security, transparency and stability to a still existing outmoded cold-war nuclear stance that without the new START treaty would continue to rely on a still flawed perilous hair trigger, large, unnecessary and unstable strategic situation. There is inherent in the new START treaty a process which can lead to reductions in nuclear weapons, greater verification and transparency than the alternative of no restraints which is the alternative that Romney never examines.

Stay tuned here for more comments and responses on this attack from the right.

By: Harry C. Blaney III

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