The “New Cold War Warriors” and Their Dangers for American Global Engagement

by Harry Blaney, Senior Fellow


There seems to be a re-energized and fairly concerted attack on President Obama’s strategic and foreign policies from the usual suspects among the far right and related neo-con community. These can be observed from such diverse pages as the Heritage Foundation, AIE, Fox News, and even the Washington Post’s columnists and op-ed writers.  The themes are the same and age old in their content and lack in coming to grips with a new post-Cold War age and all its complexity and opportunities.

The major themes include a “dangerous and resurgent Russia” and the need to continue antagonistic and likely often counter productive policies which thus mirror and support their soul mates on the far right in Russia.  The other theme is their attack on Obama for seeking a fair and balanced, yet active, effort to seek peace in the Middle East. This can be reflected in the recent Tom Friedman New York Times column on the topic which seems to ask that we get out of the business of trying to get both sides to accept a deal which gives none of the parties all that they want. Read More


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